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Village of Bannockburn

Current Developments / Projects

Plan Commission / Zoning Board of Appeals Projects

June 3, 2024 PCZBA Meeting Agenda 

  • Continued Consideration of Approval of the Proposed 5-lot Single-Family Residential Subdivision Known as Bannockburn Estates, Located at the Northeast Corner of Half Day Road (IL Route 22) and Telegraph Road, Submitted by Bannockburn Investment Group.

Report, Application, Plans [this will take you to]

Next PCZBA meeting is scheduled for July 1, 2024.  PCZBA meeting applications/plans ARE due by June 1, 2024 (to make REQUIRED public hearing deadlines) (assumes full application submittal & not a guarantee to make this meeting)

Please contact Ryan Mentkowski at to discuss your project before submitting your digital applications. [2024 PCZBA Calendar: HERE]

Click Here to Schedule a Meeting with Ryan Mentkowski 

May 14, 2024 Special PCZBA Meeting Agenda 

  • [GW Properties] Continuation of Public Hearing for the Consideration of Testimony with Respect to Zoning Map Amendments, Zoning Code Text Amendments, Special Use Permits, Planned Development Approvals, Variations, and/or Other Zoning Relief Pertaining to a Proposed Commercial Planned Unit Development at the Northeast Corner of Waukegan Road (IL Route 43) and Half Day Road (IL Route 22) (11760 W. Half Day Road). [aka GW Properties Development] ON MAY 14, 2024, THE PCZBA RECOMMENDED APPROVAL TO THE VILLAGE BOARD OF THE APPLICATIONS.

Report, Application, Plans [this will take you to]

2024 Comprehensive Master Plan Update APPROVED!

March 11, 2024 Village Board Meeting to Discuss the Proposed Update to the Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Bannockburn.  [VILLAGE BOARD APPROVED THE 2024 UPDATE TO THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN VIA ORDINANCE 2024-04]

Architectural Review Commission Projects

June 18, 2024 ARC Commission Meeting   Agenda

(1) Consider Approval of a 5-foot Tall Black Aluminum Open Type Fence in the Side, Rear and Front Yard of the Property Property Located on the Property at 1750 Half Day Lane, Submitted by Paul Marinis.

(2) Consider Approval of the following Ground Monument Sign, Lighting, Landscaping, Building Elevations, Garbage Enclosure Screening and Fencing related to the Commercial Development known as Bannockburn Crossings on Approximately 5.2 acres of Land Generally Located on the Northeast Corner of Half Day Road (IL Route 22) and Waukegan Road (IL Route 43) (1300 Half Day Road), Submitted by GW 1300 Half Day Rd Property, LLC).

Applications for the August 20, 2024 ARC Meeting are due to the office digitally by July 10, 2024 [to Ryan Mentkowski –] to be considered for this meeting.

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May 7, 2024 Special Tree Commission Meeting    Agenda

Village of Bannockburn’s Urban Forest Management Plan Review. [this link will take you to]


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