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Village of Bannockburn

Strategic & Comprehensive Plan Update

Strategic & Comprehensive Plan Update

The Village of Bannockburn is beginning the process to review its Strategic and Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2014, which makes this an opportune time to refresh and review these documents. The goal is to make sure these plans are aligned and reflect the mission, vision and goals of the Village residents and commercial businesses in Bannockburn. These documents will guide our plans for regulations, zoning and land use to preserve our natural resources and the overall character of the Village. The Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies and the planning firm of Egret & Ox will be assisting the Village in this effort.

The project will provide a variety of opportunities, both in-person and virtual, for community members to share their thoughts and ideas regarding these plans.


How do I participate?

To learn how to leave comments on the map, click here for a step-by-step guide of instructions. Click on the Interactive Map and leave a comment.

What topics should I consider?

Below are a few questions to keep in mind as you share your thoughts.  You may either answer any of these questions or use them as starting points to prompt your own thoughts.

  • What are Bannockburn’s key assets to preserve?
  • What physical constraints limit Bannockburn’s ability to optimize development and land use management?
  • Are there certain properties or sites that should be rehabbed or redeveloped?
  • What new businesses would you like to see? Where should they go?
  • What new housing types would you like to see? Where should they go?
  • Are there certain streets or intersections that raise concerns? (e.g., speeding, pedestrian safety, road conditions, etc.)
  • Where should new bike paths or trails go?

How long will this mapping activity be open?

This web-based mapping activity will be operational for the duration of the community input phase of the project.

How often can I comment?

Come back as many times as you like and as your time allows.  Your feedback will help the Village understand which issues are important to the community to address in the Comprehensive Plan.

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