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Village of Bannockburn

Strategic & Comprehensive Plan Update

Strategic & Comprehensive Plan Update

The Village of Bannockburn is beginning the process to review its Strategic and Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2014, which makes this an opportune time to refresh and review these documents. The goal is to make sure these plans are aligned and reflect the mission, vision and goals of the Village residents and commercial businesses in Bannockburn. These documents will guide our plans for regulations, zoning and land use to preserve our natural resources and the overall character of the Village. The Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies and the planning firm of Egret & Ox will be assisting the Village in this effort.

The project will provide a variety of opportunities, both in-person and virtual, for community members to share their thoughts and ideas regarding these plans.

On July 14, 2022, the Village of Bannockburn participated in a workshop facilitated by Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) to help in the development of the Village’s 5-Year Strategic Plan. Village Trustees and Senior Leadership heard results from the several focus groups comprised of residents, businesses, and educational institutions, as well as, survey data related to the recent comprehensive planning efforts in the Village.

Ultimately, the workshop participants developed short and long-term goals based on the feedback from stakeholders and their own evaluations of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the Village. Over the next several weeks, facilitators will be transcribing the notes from the session and sharing materials with Village leadership for feedback. Once completed, CGS will work with Village leadership on an action planning launch session focused on operationalizing the goals. In addition to the strategic plan, the Village has been simultaneously working on its comprehensive plan.  While two reports will be completed, CGS will be sharing how the two reports and analysis can be used in tandem to help the Village with its top priorities.

I want to thank everyone that has been active in the development of the strategic and comprehensive plans and hope you can see your input in the final report and action plan as we look to the future and continued improvement of our community.

On August 31, 2023, the draft Comprehensive Master Plan document was presented at the initial public hearing to the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals (PCZBA) and members of the community.  The public hearing was continued to the September 25, 2023 PCZBA meeting and thereafter continued to the October 30, 2023 PCZBA meeting.  Additional documentation related to the Comprehensive Master Plan documents can be found below in the “Quick Links” section.

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