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Trinity International University (TIU) Announces Changes


On February 17th in a letter to the Trinity International University (TIU) Community, Dr. Nicholas Perrin announced the following:

“Remaining laser focused on our “why” becomes all the more important in difficult times. In recent years, U.S. institutions of higher education have witnessed a drop in undergraduate and graduate enrollments. Trinity has not been immune to these national trends, which have only been exacerbated by COVID-19 and subsequent economic instability. Today we are in a new reality: North American demand for in-residence degree programs is firmly in decline, while the cost of offering the fully face-to-face educational experience continues to escalate.”

“Second, while rising costs continue to put higher education out of reach for many households across the world, we are committed to maintaining an accessible educational offering. We will make shrewd use of digital platforms and existing marketing networks, all the while remaining operationally lean and focused. Though TIU’s expansion in recent decades may have been appropriate for the season, today we need to consolidate by bringing all our human and material resources to bear on a singular point of focus. As we do, we will also be better positioned to put a Trinity education within the grasp of every tribe and nation.”

“Third, Trinity’s education must remain as transformational as ever. At Trinity we have never regarded education as the mere impartation of knowledge. Rather, taking our cues from the scriptures, we seek to create dynamic learning environments sensitive to the work of the Spirit and to the wise voice of seasoned faculty mentors. For this reason, even as we renew our commitment to missional and accessible education, we will seek to provide a transformational education.”

Yesterday evening, the Board of Regents voted to take the following steps: 

  • Discontinue residential and in-person undergraduate education (with the exception of the BA/MDiv program), effective at the close of the spring 2023 semester; 
  • Reposition Trinity College and Trinity Graduate School, together with their excellent tenured faculty, for delivering fully online courses and programs intended for global audiences by fall 2023; 
  • Close Camp Timber-lee, an entity that has struggled to establish financial viability well before it was gifted to TIU in 2016, which became an even greater challenge in recent years.”

“As hard as such decisions may be, these moves are necessary steps for providing Trinity a strong foundation as it moves forward as an institution that is more missional, more accessible, and more transformational than ever before.”

Read the entire TIU announcement below.

Please visit Trinity International University at http://TIU.EDU for additional information.

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