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Village of Bannockburn

Building Permit Information

Online Permits are Now Available!

  • The Village of Bannockburn is rolling out a new software that allows you to apply for a permit and track it.
  • During this initial phase of implementation, we are only accepting certain permits through our online portal (click here).
    • We are accepting the following permit types: Chimney Repair/Tuckpointing, Driveway, Electric Work, HVAC Replacement, Irrigation System, Plumbing Work, Roofing, Tree Removal (Dead or Diseased) and Window, Door and Skylight Replacements.
  • At this time, all other permits are serviced via our traditional methods. See below.
  • In the coming months, we will be expanding the online program.


Residential and Commercial Building Permits

Project TypeApplicationGuidelines (Please Submit with Application)
Commercial New ConstructionBuilding PermitContact B&Z Dept
Residential New Single Family HomeBuilding PermitNew Construction Guidelines
Residential Addition/Accessory StructureBuilding PermitResidential Addition/Accessory Structure Guidelines
Commercial Addition/ModificationsBuilding PermitCommercial Addition/Modification Guidelines
Pool, Hot Tub, SpaBuilding PermitPool, Hot Tub, Spa Guidelines
HardscapesBuilding PermitHardscape Guidelines
Generator/ElectricalBuilding PermitGenerator/Electrical Guidelines
RoofBuilding PermitRoof/Driveway Guidelines
DrivewayBuilding PermitDriveway Guidelines
Plumbing, Irrigation, HVACBuilding PermitPlumbing, Irrigation, HVAC Guidelines
Construction Security AgreementBuilding PermitConstruction Security Agreement
Demolition of Existing Principal StructureBuilding PermitDemo Permit Guidelines

Other Types of Permits

Project TypeApplicationGuidelines
Dead Tree RemovalBuilding Permit SubmittalTree Removal Documentation Example
Drainage, Grading, Water/Sewer ConnectionsBuilding PermitGrading/Water/Sewer Guidelines
Live Tree RemovalBuilding PermitLandscape Guidelines
Landscape Planting & RemovalBuilding PermitLandscape Planting Guidelines
Rain GardenBuilding PermitRain Garden Guidelines
Right of Way (ROW) Permit Building PermitROW Guidelines
SignsBuilding PermitSign Guidelines
Watershed Development (WDO)WDO ApplicationWDO Guidelines

Architectural Review Commission (ARC)

Project TypeApplicationGuidelines
Architectural Review Commission (ARC)ARC Level I ApplicationARC Level I Guidelines-When Required
Architectural Review Commission (ARC)ARC Level II Application
ARC Level II Guidelines-When Required
Architectural Review Commission (ARC)ARC Escrow AgreementARC Escrow Agreement


Project TypeApplicationGuidelines
ZoningZoning Application Required for All Zoning applications
ZoningZoning Escrow Agreement Required for All Zoning applications

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