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Ruse burglaries are committed by offenders generally travelling in pairs. One offender uses a ‘ruse’ to distract the victim, while the other offender enters the home to search for and steal cash, jewelry and other valuable items. Ruse burglaries occur when victims are physically present at the home and distracted by a ‘ruse.’

Offenders use many story lines including:

  • Offering to repair gutters, fences or tree trimming and landscaping
  • Providing services for blacktop, seal-coating, or driveway repairs
  • Inquiring about the homeowner’s water supply or water pressure
  • Informing the homeowner there is an electrical problem outside of the home
  • Repairing patio and driveway pavers
  • Stating false claims about problems with the neighbor’s house
  • Questioning homeowner’s property lines
  • Inquiring about homes for sale in the neighborhood

Safety Tips:

  • Do not allow anyone in your home unless you know them personally or it is a scheduled appointment.
  • If a solicitor comes to your residence, take notice of the vehicle they are driving (make, model, color, type) as well as their attire and physical characteristics.
  • If you choose to speak with a solicitor or utility worker, never leave your front door unlocked or unattended.
  • A legitimate utility or government worker will never object if you ask for ID.
  • You may verify with the utility company or local government agency if the individual was sent to your residence.
  • Share these tips with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

If you feel you were the victim of a ruse burglary or if you have seen suspicious vehicles and/or subjects approaching elderly neighbors, report these incidents to the Bannockburn Police Department by dialing 911. Please be ready to provide the offender’s vehicle description, direction of travel and a license plate number.


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