Water & Sanitary Sewer Service

Most properties in the Village of Bannockburn (but not all) are on public water and/or sanitary sewer service. If you are moving into the Village of Bannockburn, please contact the Water/Sewer Department at 847-945-6080 to set up your utility billing and to learn more about what sanitary sewer district you will be served by. You will need to complete a residential application for utility service. Businesses also need to complete a business application for utility service. Utility bills are billed quarterly: January, April, July, and October. Payments are due 30 days after the bill is issued (unless otherwise noted).  Payments received after the due date, will be charged a 10% late fee.

Click Here for the Current Water Rates.
Click Here for Current Sanitary Sewer Rates.

If you moving out of Bannockburn, please be sure to contact the Village at least one week prior to moving so that the Village can obtain a final reading. 

Waste Removal

The Village of Bannockburn does not provide waste removal service but does have a contract with Lakeshore Recycling Services.  All residents are required to use Lakeshore Recycling, 773-685-8811.  For additional information on services and holiday schedule, please click here.

Effective May 1, 2015, Office, Retail, and College Districts will contract for their waste hauling and recycling services with Lakeshore Recycling Services.  For information regarding frequently asked questions about the program CLICK HERE.

Electrical Service

ComEd Smart Grid Resources

With the installations of the ComEd Smart Meters in our Village, information about electricity is now more efficiently sent directly to ComEd.  This will help eliminate estimated bills and the need for a meter reader to visit your property.  The program also allows you to have access to free, online energy-management tools that can help you save on your electric bills.  Enroll in the program that best fits your needs, based on the amount of electricity your property uses. Please note there are links to the smart meter programs below.

Regarding the discussion about the radio frequency emitted from the smart meters, ComEd has provided links to third party research related to the privacy, safety and security of smart meters.  The statements and conclusions of third parties referred to on the ComEd page reflect the work and conclusions of those parties, who are independent of ComEd and the Village of Bannockburn.

Click Here for the direct link to ComEd’s Smart Grid Resource Center.

Click Here for a link to information about residential smart meters (you will be taken to the ComEd website).

Click Here for a link to information about commercial (business) smart meters (you will be taken to the ComEd website).

 Electric Delivery

Regardless of which electrical supplier you have, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) will continue to deliver electrical service to the residents of Bannockburn.  ComEd will send you one bill that will reflect your electrical supplier’s fees as well as the delivery fees and other miscellaneous charges.  ComEd will also be your point of contact in case you lose power. To report loss of power, contact 1-800-Edison1 (334-7661)When service damage occurs, it is important to understand who is reponsible for the repair. To distinguish between areas owned by ComEd and areas owned by the customer, please click here.

ComEd Emergency

If you have an electric emergency it is important to call ComEd immediately. Never email your emergency request. If you need to report an emergency situation such as a fire, vehicle accident, electric contact/shock, or other potential danger please call 911 to notify local authorities.  https://www.comed.com/customer-service/service-request/Pages/emergency.aspx

Storm Center

When the storms roll in, ComEd is ready to keep you up-to-date on our outage restorations. Visit the Storm Center at ComEd.com/Storm to get the latest information on outages in the service territory, view our Outage Map, and report an outage.


Outage Map

With ComEd’s outage map, customers can view all outages in the ComEd service area at once and zoom in and get details on specific areas, such as the estimated restoration time & status of crews working to resolve problems. Icons are color-coded to indicate the number of customers affected by each incident. Check out the interactive map at https://outagemap.comed.com/

 Outage Alerts

Need to report an outage? Text the word OUT to 26633 (ComEd) and get updates until your power is restored. Visit ComEd.com/Text for more info and to sign up.

Mobile App

Gain the flexibility and convenience of managing your ComEd Residential account on the go with ComEd’s FREE mobile app for iPhone® and Android™ devices. Report an outage, make a one-time payment, and manage account features with the swipe of a finger. Learn more at https://www.comed.com/customer-service/mobile/pages/mobile-application.aspx

Electrical Suppliers (August 1, 2015 Update)

When the electric aggregation program started in 2012, the Village was able to negotiate with suppliers to obtain an electricity rate for residents much lower than that charged by ComEd along with a guarantee that the rate would never be greater than ComEd’s. Today the negotiation environment is much different, making a contract with energy suppliers less attractive.

Since 2012, changes in state law have allowed ComEd to pass some of its costs onto electricity suppliers, who in tum increase the rate being charged to residents. Now, unlike in the past, there is little difference in the rate charged by ComEd and other electric suppliers. As a result, electric suppliers are no longer willing to guarantee that rates will always be less than ComEd. If the Village were to enter into a contract with a non-ComEd electric supplier, residents could be locked into a contract where the cost of electricity could be higher than the ComEd rate.

The Village’s contract with its electric supplier, MC Squared, comes to an end with the first meter read in September 2015. MC Squared will shortly notify ComEd that Bannockburn residents will no longer be covered by an electric aggregation contract. ComEd, in tum, will send you a letter to inform you that your account will soon be transferred from MC Squared to ComEd. A sample of the ComEd letter is illustrated below.

Please note that once your account is dropped to ComEd, you will not be allowed to return to MC Squared for a six (6) month period. This will not preclude you from going to another supplier for service; only to MC Squared (“ComEd back-to-back rule”).

ComEd Drop Letter_June 2015_reduced

Sample of the Letter Forthcoming from ComEd

Once your account is returned to ComEd you may receive solicitations from several electric suppliers. Please review those offers carefully and beware of those electric suppliers who offer low rates for a few months then lock you into a long term contract with rates well above those charged by ComEd.  The selection of an electric supplier is your independent choice and the Village will no longer be involved with electric matters.

If you are in agreement with the transition to ComEd, there is nothing you need to do. If we see aggregation opportunities in the future, the Village will keep you informed.

In order to help minimize the increase in your electric bill that will accompany the end of the MC Squared contract, it would be to your benefit to look at ways for your home to become more energy efficient. One way you can lower your electricity demand is by switching to LED light bulbs. Not only do these bulbs use substantially less electricity (some use 23% less than a 60W bulb) but they can last up to 10 years. While other businesses may offer similar deals, COSTCO is currently offering reduced prices for LED bulbs. COSTCO’s sale price is subsidized by ComEd to encourage your conversion to lower energy using light bulbs. We suggest taking advantage of this ComEd offer while it lasts.

Click Here for the Open Letter Provided to Residents by the Village of Bannockburn

Natural Gas

To set up/cancel service with North Shore Gas, contact 866-556-6004, Monday through Friday (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.).

If you suspect you have a gas leak, immediately leave the house and contact North Shore Gas at 866-556-6005.

Phone, Internet, Television Service Providers

AT&T (new users):  800-244-4444 or via the following website: www.attsavings.com/internet-plans (which will take you to a non-Village website).

AT&T (existing users): Visit the following website:  www.attplans.com/contact/ [English version] [Spanish language site](both links will take you to a non-Village website).

DirectTV/AT&T Bundle: 855-691-3040 or via the following website: www.directv.com/DTVAPP/content/packages/internet/bundle_att (which will take you to a non-Village website).

Existing DirecTV Customers  [English Version]  [Spanish language site] (both links will take you to a non-Village website)

Comcast: 866-594-1234 or via the following website:  www.xfinity.com/Corporate/shop/productoverview.html (which will take you to a non-Village website).

DISH Network: Visit the following website:  https://www.usdish.com/availability/il (which will take you to a non-Village website).

Comparison of Internet Providers:  https://broadbandnow.com/Illinois/Deerfield?zip=60015 (which will take you to a non-Village website & is NOT a recommendation of service).