Annual Citizen Survey

Village of Bannockburn


THANK YOU once again to all the residents who responded to the 2018 Annual Citizen Survey.  This information provides us with another tool to help assess the needs and opinions of our Village residents.  Similar to past years, the survey was available on the Village website, mailed individually to all homes and sent out multiple times through email to our Village contacts.

The STAFF summary and memo regarding the survey results are located in an attached document: CLICK HERE (IN ADOBE PDF). The actual Survey Result documents can be found below and these documents supplement the staff summary and memo document referenced above:

  1. Bannockburn 2018 Annual Citizen Survey Results – which is a summary of the scores received from the residents for each category.  The document contains the scores from the categories: Ranking Strategic Planning Goals, Operational Excellence/Service or Condition, Public Information & Communication, Citizen’s Interaction with Village Government, Economic Development, and the Citizen’s perception of Bannockburn.  CLICK HERE (IN ADOBE PDF).
  2. 2018 Citizen Survey Open Ended Responses – provides a summary of the comments residents provided for each of the categories (typically answered when a category scored low). CLICK HERE (IN ADOBE PDF)
  3. The actual citizen survey questions that was provided to the residents. CLICK HERE (IN ADOBE PDF)