Safety and Security

Village of Bannockburn Police Department


Is there a curfew in Bannockburn?

Yes.  People under the age of 18 in Bannockburn may not be out in public unless accompanied and supervised by a parent, guardian, or responsible companion approved by the parents.  The curfew hours are:

  •     Between midnight Friday and 6:00 AM Saturday
  •     Between midnight Saturday and 6:00 AM Sunday
  •     Each weekday from Sunday through Thursday, after 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM the following day

Remember, a minor’s driver’s license is invalid during curfew.


What is the Police Department doing about drunk drivers?

The Bannockburn Police Department is committed to maintaining safe roads in the Village and on our highways. Throughout the year we participate in national safety campaigns to arrest drunk drivers. We also provide additional patrols during these enforcement periods, and on weekend nights throughout the year as manpower allows. The legal limit for blood alcohol level is .08.

The BPD also conducts roadside safety checks on Route 22. Our goal is to get impaired drivers off the road, keep motorists buckled up, and remove unlicensed/uninsured drivers from our roadways.

Through the DARE program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), we also educate young students about the dangers of drunk driving. They get a chance to learn what it is like to be intoxicated while wearing a pair of goggles that simulate the effect. The students also watch videos to increase awareness. We feel education is the key to reducing the nationwide epidemic of intoxicated motorists.


How can I get free gun locks?

The Bannockburn Police Department offers free gun locks to anyone who needs them. The locks come in two sizes and are designed to keep firearms safe. Our goal is to put these locks on guns and keep guns out of the hands of small children.

We encourage you to take advantage of this free program. We will be happy to supply you with as many locks as you need, and will gladly provide locks to others outside the community who may need them as well.

Please call the Police Department at 847-945-8490 to arrange to pick up your free gun locks.


What should I know about home alarms?

The Village of Bannockburn requires any resident or business with an alarm system to obtain an alarm permit. The permit application includes a $25 initial fee. This cost is to reduce the number of false alarms and to cover the costs of responding to bona fide alarms.

The Village allows three false alarms in a calendar year. After that the resident will be notified of the false alarms, with charges for any additional false alarms to be incurred as follows:

  • Four to six false alarms in one calendar year: $25 per alarm
  • Seven to nine false alarms in one calendar year: $50 per alarm
  • 10 to 12 false alarms in one calendar year: $75 per alarm
  • 13 or more false alarms in one calendar year: $100 per alarm

Click here for the alarm permit form.

When completed, fax to police at 847-945-8496 or email to village at


What should I know about seat belt usage and child safety seats?

Seat Belts

According to Illinois State Law, wearing seat belts is mandatory. Most people are getting the message about seat belt usage; in fact, the most recent state survey revealed that 90% of Illinoisans wear seat belts.

The Bannockburn Police Department takes an active role in encouraging everyone to buckle up. We participate at least twice a year in national “Click It or Ticket” campaigns. Remember, you can be stopped simply for not wearing your seat belt, so be safe from the moment you get into your vehicle!

Child Safety Seats

The Bannockburn Police Department has two trained child safety seat technicians. They are certified and will inspect and install child seats in your vehicle, free of charge.

If you need a seat installed, one of our technicians will be happy to meet with you. Please call 847-945-8490 ahead of time for an appointment. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the installation.

The guidelines for safety seats are:

  • Babies should be facing the rear while riding in a car at least until age 1
  • Buckle up your baby in the back seat.
  • NEVER put your baby in a front seat that has a passenger seat air bag unless the air bag has been turned off
  • As your child outgrows his/her safety seat, move him/her into a convertible seat, facing the rear
  • Put the harness straps in the slots closest to or just below your baby’s shoulders in the rear-facing position. Adjust straps to be snug without pressing into your child’s shoulders
  • Adjust the harness to fit snugly. If your baby is wearing a blanket, put the baby in the seat and adjust the harness and straps first, then put the blanket over, not under, the straps.

Social host refers to adults who host parties where alcohol is served on property they control. Through social host liability laws, adults can be held responsible for these parties if underage people are served, regardless of who furnishes the alcohol. Teen parties are a primary setting for underage drinking for high school and college students and high consumption of alcohol and binge drinking.

The Village of Bannockburn’s Morals and Conduct Code (Ordinance 2004-16) Section 7-704 titled Social Hosting Responsibilities and Requirements addresses Parent Responsibility related to this issue.  (Section 7-704 starts on pg. 35 of the attached ordinance)

Village of Bannockburn Morals and Conduct Ordinance

Additional useful information from the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) can be found on their website at:  (Please note this will take you to a link that is not maintained by the Village of Bannockburn.)


How can I be safe around railroad crossings?

Because Bannockburn has a railroad crossing in close proximity, train safety is very important to all our residents and visitors. We conduct train safety demonstrations annually to groups in Bannockburn, educating the public about the dangers these crossings may present.

The basic safety rules are:

  • Never walk, play, or ride bikes along railroad tracks
  • Trains cannot stop as quickly as cars, so if you can see a train coming toward you DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE TRACKS. Wait until the train passes
  • Trains coming toward you often look as if they are stopped or going slow. This is an optical illusion, so wait until the train has passed you before trying to cross the tracks
  • Don’t get too close to a train that is passing by and don’t throw things at the train
  • Do not place objects on the train tracks. It is not only unsafe, it can cause an accident

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