Village of Bannockburn Update (6-04)

Village of Bannockburn Update (6-04)

Dear Bannockburn Residents,

The State of Illinois is starting to open for business. Elements Massage in Bannockburn Green is a great example of how they have changed their procedures to protect the employees and all their clients. They have new cleaning procedures between each client, curbside check-in, temperature checks and face masks for everyone. Some duration’s of massages may need to be shorter. Check when making your reservations. Truly a great personal experience.

We need to return to work and reopen the economy with certain safety procedures. Wash your hands, stay 6 feet away from others or wear a mask. Other office and retail establishments will reformat their space to achieve social distancing to protect their employees and all visitors.

Good news. Due to the COVID -19 virus, the Lake County Treasurer has spread out your real estate tax payments over 4 periods on 2020 – June 8, August 7, September 8, and November 9. Watch for more details on the Bannockburn Byline on Friday 6/5/20

The Village of Bannockburn website will continue to post the most current COVID– 19 information for you to review.

Current Civil Unrest

First and foremost, on behalf of the Bannockburn Police Department, I would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd. Without question, his death was a result of a police officer’s total disregard for the life of Mr. Floyd. The Bannockburn Police Department has a zero-tolerance policy against racial profiling that expressly prohibits all bias based policing. Further, the Village of Bannockburn fully supports the right to peaceful protest.

At the same time, we do not in any way feel that it is proper to riot and loot innocent businesses. While there are no verified threats to Bannockburn, we have increased the number of officers on patrol during the day and especially overnight to maintain public safety and protect residents and businesses. We are also coordinating with other law enforcement agencies on a regular basis.

Yesterday we were advised of several peaceful protests that were planned for Deerfield and Lake Forest. Precautions were taken to protect personal property in case protests turned violent or destructive. Bannockburn Green and Mariano’s closed early and restricted their entrances. Thankfully, both protests remained peaceful and there were no incidents.

All residents and businesses are encouraged to continue to exercise caution and to be aware of your surroundings. If you see suspicious activity or feel unsafe, please call 911.

Allegro Senior and Assisted Living Proposal

The zoning application, including plans for the property, are currently being reviewed by Village Staff for Zoning Compliance. The proposed plans submitted by the applicant have been uploaded to the Village’s webpage dedicated to the Allegro Senior Assisted Living proposal–

The application and plans for this project will be preliminarily presented to the Village Board on June 8, 2020 in order to seek input and facts related to the proposed zoning text amendments needed for the Senior / Assisted Living Facility. You are welcome to join the “Go to Meeting” on-line Board Meeting. It’s easy; go to the “go to meeting” app on your phone or iPad. Log in info can be found on the meeting agenda and the Village website. If you have any comments or questions related to the proposal, please email me at with the email subject line of “Allegro Senior / Assisted Living” by 6:00pm on Monday. We will get them to the developer for answers. Send me a separate email if you would like to speak at the meeting.

Trinity and Allegro have identified several major benefits to the Village from the proposal. It will bring 9 acres back onto the tax rolls resulting in substantial increased revenue to the Village, Bannockburn School and Deerfield High School without adding students to our schools.  The addition of this development will increase our Village EAV resulting in a wider tax base which could lower all residential and commercial real estate taxes. Moreover, with institutions of higher education throughout the country facing significant financial and other challenges, the proposal can help Trinity preserve its mission and the quality of its campus.

Need something to watch on TV? There is a 90-minute film about the Battle of Bannockburn in the year 1314 in Scotland. Search Amazon Prime or other streaming sites for “The Battle of Bannockburn”.

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, or comments.


Bud Rothing
Bannockburn Village President

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