Village of Bannockburn Update (5-21)

Village of Bannockburn Update (5-21)

Dear Bannockburn Residents,

As I communicated to you last week we are expecting a formal zoning application affecting the Trinity International University property.  Specifically, a senior assisted living facility is being proposed for 9-10 acres of land in the northeast corner of Trinity’s property, along Route 22 between the Fire Station and the existing student apartments on the Trinity campus. The Village has continually made efforts in all of its proceedings to be transparent and informative to allow the community to have meaningful discussions that result in thoughtful decisions.

The residents (but not members of the Village Board) probably received the flyer from the anonymous “Concerned Citizens”. As in the past their flyer contained various misstatements, including (a) the nature of the PCZBA’s review, (b) the next date for the PCZBA’s consideration of the possible Comprehensive Plan amendments, and (c) the next opportunity for community input on this issue. The correct information is that the Village Board will be meeting on 6/8/20 to seek input on  the anticipated request for a fundamental zoning change needed for the proposed senior facility.

It would benefit everyone by reading and understanding the facts that are communicated and posted on the Village of Bannockburn website.  The Village Board looks forward to a thoughtful and robust discussion on June 8.

Many of the Bannockburn residents are leaders in their individual companies so I think it’s important to make you aware of one of our Bannockburn businesses…Office Revolution – headquartered in Bannockburn.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced our society to accept a new normal, and these learned behaviors will cause a shift in how we return to the workplace. The team from Office Revolution is uniquely positioned to assist with finding the best workplace practices and solutions to keep your building, tenants, employees and office space functional, practical, and most importantly, safe.

A few insights from their team:

  • Re-entry solutions will impact space planning and furniture design.  Having adequate spacing and division among staff members while keeping an inspiring work environment along with staggered work schedules will be key in current and new office, manufacturing and warehouse spaces.
  • Changes in technology have enabled many businesses to continue to operate effectively during these difficult times. Work from home will continue, allowing for decreased density in the office while allowing for increased use of collaboration space.  Supporting workers with proper ergonomic solutions is important for health, safety and productivity.
  • Thermal temperature monitoring technology enables quick detection of elevated skin temperatures.  Thermal imaging equipment can easily be installed and implemented to detect elevated skim temperature in environments such as office buildings, clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, education, retail, and any large public gathering location.
  • Divider screens and storage will be used to help staff feel safer and allow for more distancing between employees.  Multiple options for screens allow for temporary and permanent solutions to work with existing furniture systems.

Office Revolution works with landlords, property managers, building owners and companies looking for assistance in returning employees to the workspace.  For more information you may contact Kurt Vogel at

The Village of Bannockburn website will continue to post the most current COVID– 19 information for you to review.

Flooding in Bannockburn. We have had massive amounts of rainfall in the last several weeks. It would be extremely helpful if everyone inspected the drainage on your property/street and have your landscaper remove the blockages or leaves to allow the rainfall water to flow properly.

Tired of cooking for yourself???? TAKE OUT TO GIVE BACK. Question: What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common?

If you want to opt out of this email or the Bannockburn ByLine let me know. Answer: They both have the same middle name.

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns or comments.


Bud Rothing
Bannockburn Village President

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