Village of Bannockburn Update (5-15)

Village of Bannockburn Update (5-15)

Dear Bannockburn Residents,

Last Saturday, we held the Bannockburn Food Drive to support the West Deerfield Township food pantry. We had success with volunteers collecting food donations from over 50 residents.  Many residents contributed a monetary donation to the food pantry. We had a very generous offer from a resident to match the monetary donations. We collected a total of $6,950.00 in monetary donations, which is fantastic. I know not everyone was able to participate this time and the need for donations will continue so watch for other Bannockburn Food Drives in July and September.

Question: How many sides are there in a circle?

Lake County Treasurer update: Real estate tax installments that are due on June 8 and in September, can be spread out to four payments with no penalty or interest. Watch for details in the mail on this recent decision.

Answer: A circle has two sides – inside and outside. If you are inside you don’t have to wear a mask. If you go outside and cannot stay 6’ away from others, wear your mask.

As we open up the economy we need to continue to support our local businesses. Gigi’s Playhouse, located in Bannockburn Green Retail Center, is a center that provides free educational, therapeutic-based and career development programs for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community. They have launched  GiGi’s Step to Accept Challenge, on Saturday, June 6. This is a virtual run-walk-ride designed to send a message of acceptance across the country, and the world. See information in the Bannockburn Byline.

Our local breakfast restaurant Eggspresso in Bannockburn Green has remained open for the last two months with very little carry out business. Treat your family to a big omelet, cooked bacon and a stack of pancakes for a meal this week. Give Gus a call and place your order at 847-940-8444.

New Senior Living Development Proposal

During the May 11, 2020 Village Board meeting, the Village Manager reported to the Village Board about the anticipated filing of a formal zoning application within the next 2 weeks for a proposal affecting the Trinity property.  Specifically, a senior assisted living facility is being proposed for 9-10 acres of land in the northeast corner of Trinity’s property, along Route 22 between the Fire Station and the existing student apartments on the Trinity campus.  Currently, this type of use is not authorized in the College District (or elsewhere in the Village), so an amendment to the Village’s Zoning Code would be required to allow this proposal to proceed.

In the Village Code, the Village Board may give preliminary consideration to a proposed zoning text amendment before the requested amendment is presented to the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals (“PCZBA”) for public hearing. In this instance, the Village Board has determined that it wants to see the full presentation from Trinity International University, Opus and Allegro and also hear directly from the residents first regarding this proposed use.  To this end, at its next meeting on June 8, 2020, the Village Board seeks your input on whether a senior assisted living facility is an appropriate use in the Village, and particularly in the proposed location.  As the application and presentation materials become available, they will be posted to the Village website for your review.

We invite all residents to participate and share their thoughts on this issue, whether as part of the June 8 Board meeting or via correspondence to the Village.  By having this preview, the Village Board seeks to ensure transparency regarding the merits of the application when it is presented to the PCZBA while providing additional context for the PCZBA’s ongoing review of potential amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

The Village of Bannockburn website  will continue to post the most current COVID– 19 information for you to review.

I hope all you Mothers had a nice Mother’s Day on Sunday – You are the CEO of your home ….CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer.

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns or comments.


Bud Rothing
Bannockburn Village President

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