From the Front Desk March 2020

From the Front Desk March 2020

Here at Village Hall, we get phone calls asking all kinds of questions. Here is a good list to keep handy. If you have ideas for future FAQ questions, email

  1. When does the Census start?

You should expect to receive a paper form in mid-March. There are three ways to complete the form; phone, mail or on-line. If you do not submit your form by April 8th, you can expect a Census worker will knock on your door to remind you to complete the survey.

How to verify a mailing is from the Census Bureau?

If you receive a survey or a letter in the mail from the Census Bureau, the             envelope contains information that will help you verify its legitimacy. For      example:

  • “U.S. Census Bureau” in the return address or “U.S. Department of Commerce”which is the Census Bureau’s parent agency.
  • Jeffersonville, INin the return address. The Census Bureau has a mail processing center located there.

Households will receive an invitation in the mail to complete the 2020 Census   online, by phone, or by mail.  The enclosed envelope to mail back a completed         paper questionnaire would be addressed to Jeffersonville, IN, or Phoenix, AZ.

You may also receive a reminder letter from one of our regional offices or Census Bureau headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area.

  1. Where can I get information on community health issues?

The Lake County Health Department is a great resource for community health topics. Some of the information they provide is on behavioral health services, discount programs, disease control, and women & children’s health. They also your resource for environmental health and animal care & control. You can contact them at 847-377-8000.

  1. Where can I find information on the forest preserve trails?

The Lake County Forest Preserves (LCFP) are the go-to place for all things Lake County nature. The closest forest preserves to Bannockburn are Prairie Wolf Dog Park, on Waukegan Road just north of Mariano’s and the Prairie Wolf Forest Preserve on Rt. 22, east of Bannockburn Green Retail Center. You can find interactive guides and trail maps their website on the forest preserve website.

The LCFP website also has information on conservation, education, summer camp, recreation, and golf. One of the newest additions to the LCFD is the Bess Bower Dunn Museum of Lake County. The Dunn Museum is located at 1899 West Winchester Road in Libertyville. You can also contact them at 847-367-6640.