From the Front Desk February 2020

From the Front Desk February 2020

Here at Village Hall, we get phone calls asking all kinds of questions. Here is a good list to keep handy. If you have ideas for future FAQ questions, email

  1. Can you tell me about my water bill?

When water bills go out (every three months around the 18th), we often get calls regarding usage. The best way to track your usage is by signing up for Eye-On-Water. This application allows you to see your daily water usage. Monitoring your water, prevents small leaks and spikes from surprising you.

Did you know that you can sign up for?

Utility Billing Payment Service for Credit card payments

Utility Billing for ACH (Check) payment


  1. Do I need a building permit to do construction in my home?

Maybe. Here are some examples of the projects that will need a building permit; electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, roofing, hot water heater, and driveway. A building permit application along with detailed plans and scope of work is needed to submit for a permit. A tree removal permit is needed for a tree removal. Please call or email us with your project and we will be happy to help determine if a permit is needed.

  1. Does the Village have a Plat of Survey for my house?

A Plat of Survey’s are blueprints containing detailed property information such as tract orientation, placement of property lines and easements. Homeowners should have a plat of survey when they close on a property. The Village does maintain some previous years of building permit records. There is no guarantee our records include a Plat of Survey. It is recommended that home owners have an updated Plat of Survey as a part of their important documents. The cost for a professional land survey is $350-500.

Your survey is needed for major home construction, fences, landscape changes, and installation of an irrigation system. A good resource is the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association at

  1. Where can I find the Village municipal codes?

All of the Village code can be found on our website. Some examples of our code include administrative of government, general offense, utilities, vehicles and traffic, zoning, tree protection, building, rules, process and information. Click on Municipal Code box on the right side of the home page. You can also use the link below to access