Upcoming Frigid Weather & Water / Leak Tracking

Upcoming Frigid Weather & Water / Leak Tracking

With the upcoming winter weather / bitterly cold temperatures predicted through the end of next week in our area, now is the time to get signed up for the new EyeOnWater program that allows you to track your water usage and also get notified if you have a water leak inside your home!^  DON’T wait for a leak and a high water bill to come; sign up today!

Please note, this is the same software that was discussed in a flyer the Village sent in the mail with the last utility bill.  So far 8 residents/businesses have signed on to be notified of their water usage.

How do you sign up?

For the full handout on how to sign up, please utilize the attached flyer:  How to Sign Up for New EyeOnWater Software

If you have any other questions or issues about setting up your EyeOnWater account, please contact the Village of Bannockburn Village Hall at 847-945-6080 or you can email
Ryan Mentkowski at Rmentkowski@villageofbannockburn.org.

^The software is only available to residents/businesses that are on the Village of Bannockburn water system.

Example EyeOnWater Account


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