Coronavirus and Village of Bannockburn Operations (4-30 update)

Coronavirus and Village of Bannockburn Operations (4-30 update)

Dear Bannockburn Residents,

The “Stay at Home “ order has been working. We have lowered the curve to allow the healthcare workers to catch up. Hospital rooms and ventilators for the very sick seem to be in ample supply. Testing and PPE supplies are getting better by the day. This quarantine was never meant to cure the virus so now we are getting closer to a safe reopen of our economy. Testing will be important for many companies to let large numbers of workers back. ACTING RESPONSIBLY when you are out will continue to curb the spread of the virus. If you feel any symptoms, stay home, self-quarantine and call your doctor. If you get the virus, reach out to your family and friends that you had been in contact with before the symptoms started and let them know.

Scientists are working – We need an anti-viral so if you get seriously sick you can go to the hospital for treatment. The reality is that new infections will continue to occur until a vaccine is available.

Focus on the Future –  Life will be different, perhaps for years. There will be a new normal or I should say a new un-normal. We must accept several things: social distancing, more testing and tracking, use of masks and gloves, washing and sanitizing our hands. I had a very strange experience the other day. I was going to meet a guy to talk about a deal. I walked up near the guy, (no hand shake) stayed 10 feet away, worked out some details and then finished the deal (again no hand shake). Then I just waved and walked away. This felt very weird to me…new normal I guess.

There are federal guidelines and state executive orders that you will continue to follow. The Village of Bannockburn home page ( & the COVID-19 Dashboard the will continue to post the most current information for you to reference.

NEW activity for this week. Stay home, grill out and then EAT OUTSIDE. Pick a sunny day, grill your food and as you normally would but then have your table set to eat outside with your coats on. Sunny and 50’s isn’t the same as when the temps are 70’s but YOU need some fresh air. You have been cooped up for too long.

Here is some history about the Village of Bannockburn. We are named after Bannockburn, Scotland which is the site of the very historic Battle of Bannockburn in the year 1314. This was the start of the Scottish Wars that eventually gave Scotland it’s freedom from England. I have found an article that provides an historic description of the battle. Click on the LINK to the Village website to learn the details.

Mother’s Day is coming soon – it’s time to plan a ZOOM meeting for that day.

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns or comments.


Bud Rothing
Bannockburn Village President

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