ComEd Smart Meters

As noted in the December – January 2016 Bannockburn Newsletter, as well as in correspondence letters that should have been sent out to all the homeowners in Bannockburn, ComEd is starting to roll out their “smart meter” installation program.  According to the correspondence letter the Village received on December 18, 2015, the smart meter installation will start to occur within the next 45 days.

Click Here to see the letter (or something similar to) that you should have received.  The letter explains the expectations of the installation, including timing of installation, when the installs typically take place and some additional information about gaining access to the meter.

Additionally, on the back of the letter you received are some Frequently Asked Questions.  That document from ComEd can be accessed here:  ComEd Smart Meter FAQ

As this is a ComEd program, if you have questions, please contact ComEd at 866-368-8326.

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