Bannockburn Water and Sewer Rates

Bannockburn Water and Sewer Rates

Water Rates: The Village of Bannockburn purchases its water supply from the City of Highland Park. The City Council of Highland Park raised their water rates for calendar year 2020 by 13%. The Village of Bannockburn has reviewed the financial condition of the Water Fund. Its review has determined that in order to maintain a balanced budget which incorporates water purchases and other operating and capital improvement costs, the Village will need to increase its water rates by 3% to cover the 13% increase by the City of Highland Park based upon current water consumption. The new water rates will be as follows:

CY2019 CY2020 New Rates
Water First 20,000 $6.75 $6.95
Water 20,001-80,000 $6.94 $7.15
Water 80,001 or greater $7.11 $7.32
Wholesale Water Rates $6.04 $6.22
Minimum Quarterly Fee $270.00 $278.10

Sewer Rates: The Village of Deerfield provides the Village of Bannockburn with wastewater treatment and operates and maintains the Village of Bannockburn’s detention basin. The Village of Bannockburn owns and maintains the sanitary sewer lines. There are two sanitary sewer districts located in the Village of Bannockburn: North Shore Water Reclamation District (NSWRD) and Lake County Sewage System District (LCSSD). Residents in the NSWRD are invoiced by the Village of Bannockburn and a charge is included on their property tax bill from the NSWRD. As of 2014, residents in the LCSSD are billed by Lake County and do not receive an invoice for sewer from the Village of Bannockburn.

The Village of Bannockburn will be increasing sewer rates by 5%. The increase will help fund the 2.5% increase by the Village of Deerfield and assist in reducing the projected net loss ($148,531) anticipated in the Sewer Fund. The Sewer Rates are as follows:

CY2019 CY2020 (Proposed)
Non & Residential served by Deerfield $4.88 $5.12
Non & Residential Min Qtrly fee Deerfield $197.70 $207.60
Residential/Non served by NSWRD $1.45 $1.52
Non-Residential min Qtr Deerfield $58.00 $60.90