Bannockburn Food Drive

Bannockburn Food Drive

Thank you for all of the donations and volunteers from this weekend’s West Deerfield Township food pantry food drive. Your donations and generosity WILL make a big difference to those in need!

Purpose of the food drive: 

In today’s world of living with the COVID- 19 virus, the West Deerfield Township (WDT) food pantry has seen a tremendous increase of families in need of basic food items.  We would like to ask Bannockburn residents to participate in a food drive to support our local food pantry.

Here are the details:

Please leave your food donation in a plastic bag at the end of your driveway before 9am on Saturday May 9th . Volunteers will pick it up starting at 9am and deliver a Bannockburn food donation to the WDT food pantry.  (Please see the request to RSVP below to ensure we have a route to pick up)

The key items that are in the most need are as follows:

Peanut butter
Pasta sauce
Canned tuna
Canned chicken
Canned salmon
Salad dressing
Cooking oil
Olive oil

Bags of just CASH $$$ (in all seriousness, no bags of cash — see information below related to monetary donations that can be made directly to the West Deerfield Township)

And of course — Toilet paper and other paper products

I understand that not all families will be able to physically put out the food but then I would ask that you consider a donation so the food pantry can purchase the needed items. Checks can be mailed to the West Deerfield Township Attn: Alyson Feiger 601 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015.

Please return an email to me ( so I can put your address on the pickup route for Saturday morning.

Thank you so much for your support in this project. Questions or special requests can be directed to Trustee Kerry Martin or Vicki Martin at 847-239-0120.

Stay home and stay safe.

Bud Rothing

Bannockburn Village President


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