Eye on Water Software

Sign up now for the EyeOnWater program. This program will allow you to track your water usage. The tracking will also alert you if it detects a water leak inside your home. This service is at no charge for Bannockburn residents.

Signing up is easy!

Please utilize the attached flyer to assist you on how to sign up,  How to Sign Up for New EyeOnWater Software.

When you are signing up have the following information available:

  • Your water/sewer bill account number and our Zip Code (60015).  Your account number can be found in the Account Information box in the top right corner of your water/sewer bill.
  • Enter your water/sewer bill account number exactly as it appears on your bill, including hyphens. For example: on the water/sewer bill (including the “ – “ and the 2 numbers after the hyphen). If you do not put the hyphen and the numbers at the end, the system will not find an account and your registration will not work.
  • After you create your account, you can download an APP for your smart phone for quick access to your water usage [You can also utilize the EyeOnWatersoftware from a computer.]. Search for “EyeOnWater” in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store (it is a free download).

If you have any other questions or issues about setting up your EyeOnWater account, please contact the Village of Bannockburn at 847-945-6080 or email Ryan Mentkowski at Rmentkowski@villageofbannockburn.org.

^The software is only available to residents/businesses that are on the Village of Bannockburn water system.

Example EyeOnWater Account