Eye on Water Software

Have you signed up for the new EyeOnWater software program that allows you to track your water usage and also get notified if you have a water leak inside your home?^  DON’T wait for a leak and a high water bill to come; sign up today!  The service is free and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up the account.

So far 24% of our accounts have signed on to be notified of their water usage.  Since the software’s inception in the Village, we have worked with a number or residents to identify large leaks.  However, many of these residents were NOT using the software, so the notification was later than it could have been if the resident was signed up already for the software.

How do you sign up?

Full directions on how to get connected to your utility account are in the handout below, however, here are some things to be aware of when you are setting up your account:

  • You will just need your utility bill account number and our Zip Code (60015).  [account number is on your last water/sewer bill]
  • When you put in your utility bill account number, make sure to enter it exactly as it is written on the water/sewer bill (including the “ – “ and the 2 numbers after the hyphen). If you do not put the hyphen and the numbers at the end, the system will not find an account and you cannot sign up.
  • After you create your account, you can download an APP for your smart phone for quick access to your properties water usage [You can also utilize the EyeOnWater software from a computer.]. Search for “EyeOnWater” in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store (it is a free download).

For the full handout on how to sign up, please utilize the attached flyer:  How to Sign Up for New EyeOnWater Software

If you have any other questions or issues about setting up your EyeOnWater account, please contact the Village of Bannockburn Village Hall at 847-945-6080 or you can email
Ryan Mentkowski at Rmentkowski@villageofbannockburn.org.

^The software is only available to residents/businesses that are on the Village of Bannockburn water system.

Example EyeOnWater Account