Zoning Board of Appeals

Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals (PCZBA)

The PCZBA conducts public hearings on all special use permits, planned unit developments, and zoning variations as specified in the Illinois Compiled State Statutes and Bannockburn Codes (Section 11-102 of Zoning Ordinance). Hearings are also held to discuss plans for subdivisions and other matters referred to the PCZBA from the Village Board.

The members of the PCZBA can also make recommendations to the Board for changes to the zoning code and to the comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan serves as the long-term guide for how land within Bannockburn will be used, what kinds of services will be provided, and future plans for the community. While the PCZBA cannot make binding decisions, it makes recommendations to the Village Board, which then votes on the request or appeal.

Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals Members

The following residents are serving five-year terms on the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals:

Members Position
Michael Raimondi
Loukas Kozonis Commissioner
Gerald Laures
Glenn Morris
John Ryan
Barry Shack

The Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Bannockburn Village Hall at 2275 Telegraph Road.

Submittal Deadline and Meetings Dates

2019 PCZBA Schedule

Submittal Deadline for Completed Application Package Submittal Meeting Date 1st Monday of the Month (unless otherwise notes)
01/02/2019 02/04/2019
02/04/2019 03/11/2019 (6:00 PM)
03/01/2019 04/01/2019 
04/02/2019 05/06/2019
05/01/2019 06/03/2019
05/31/2019 07/01/2019
07/01/2019 08/05/2019
08/01/2019 09/09/2019 (6:00 PM)
09/02/2019 10/07/2019 
10/01/2019 11/04/2019
11/01/2019 12/02/2019
12/02/2019 01/06/2020
The Village of Bannockburn Plan Commission & ZBA typically meets every 1st Monday of each month. Applications must be submitted by the first Monday of the Month Prior to the Meeting Date.