Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 PM in the Bannockburn Village Hall at 2275 Telegraph Road.

Village Officials (Trustees)

Please note that emails sent to the Village Officials are also forwarded to the Village Manager.

Position Name Email
Village PresidentFrank "Bud" Rothing
Frank "Bud" Rothing Click Here
Village Clerk
Sigal (1) Kass Sigal Click Here
Trustee/Finance CommissionerAnsani David Ansani Click Here
Trustee/Police CommissionerBoyle James Boyle Click Here
Trustee/Water & Sewer Commissioner
Herrmann (4) Mary Herrmann Click Here
Trustee/Building CommissionerKorer David Korer Click Here
Trustee/Community Development CommissionerLackner Diana Lackner Click Here
Trustee/Roads & ROW Commissioner
Kerry Martin (1) Kerry Martin Click Here

2019 Village Board Schedule of Board Meetings

Meeting Date 2nd Monday of the Month Meeting Date 4th Monday of the Month
01/14/19 01/28/19
02/11/19 02/25/19
03/11/19 No second meeting
04/08/19 04/29/19
05/13/19 05/28/19 (Tuesday)
06/10/19 06/24/19
07/08/19 No second meeting
08/12/19 No second meeting
09/09/19 09/23/19
10/15/19 (Tuesday) 10/28/19
11/12/19 (Tuesday) 11/25/19
12/09/19 No second meeting