Roads and Right of Ways

Village of Bannockburn

Roads & Right of Ways (and State Highways)

The Roads and Right-of-Way Commissioner oversees travel in and around Bannockburn in order to make it safe, convenient, and aesthetically pleasant. The tasks involved include attention to:

  • Road maintenance and repairs, with periodic inspections and repair work performed by outside contractors
  • Snow removal
  • Shoulders, building and driveway entrances, and signage
  • Roadway areas prone to flooding

Landscaping along roads is another priority for the Roads and Right-of-Way Commissioner. Here the goal is to maintain good sight-lines and remove any debris.

The Village is in the process of building and maintaining a series of pathways for walking and bicycling. The pathway system is well underway, being constructed in stages around Bannockburn for the enjoyment of all residents. Equestrian trails are also available in certain locations around the Village.

The flow of traffic is of concern in Bannockburn, as it is in nearly every community. We keep speed limits reasonable, and at peak times, restrict the flow of traffic on our main thoroughfares to keep the volume of vehicles at acceptable levels. We also work with other communities, the Illinois Department of Transportation (Half Day Road Road / Route 22 & Waukegan Road / Route 43), and contractors on roadway issues outside of Bannockburn that have an impact on Village residents. Because quiet is such a prized attribute of this community, we are also working with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority to reduce tollway noise as much as possible.

To report a road problem (tree limb, other debris, area of flooding, etc.), contact the Village Hall at 847-945-6080.

To report a problem on a State of Illinois roadway (Half Day Road or Waukegan Road), please visit their website at:  When you go to the website, they have a phone number or you can call or a web form that you can fill out as well.  This is important because the Village of Bannockburn does not have authority to maintain or repair either of these highways.