Tree Removal


Tree Removal Checklist

PLEASE contact the Village to review the dead or diseased tree prior to removal. There are no fees associated with the review of dead or diseased trees.  All other tree removals will be billed for the Forester’s time as well as for a tree removal permit.  Failure to contact the Village can result in fines and required tree replacements.

Dead, Dutch Elm ad/or other diseased trees must be removed within 30 days; if the tree is diseased, be sure to have all branches, limbs, leaves, and trunks hauled off of your property.  If the tree is dead, diseased, dying or infested, submit the Tree Removal Application to the Village Staff.  This is for dead trees, trees diseased with DED, tree infested with the Emerald Ash Borer, or other similar issues.

Tree removal process (to remove trees that are living/healthy):

  • Review the initial concept with the Building Commissioner, Village Manager, or Village Administrative Assistant. Contact the Village to set up this meeting (phone is 847-945-6080).
  • Mark all tree removals on a copy of a current survey of your property indicating the diameter at breast height (dbh) and species. Also determine and indicate where the requisite replacement trees will be located.
  • Determine if the trees are in a conservancy area and mark on survey if appropriate.
  • Determine if the buffering was required by a variance or other special approvals on the property, and mark requisite buffering on survey (if appropriate).
  • Village Forester will complete an on-site inspection.
  • Revise plans (if necessary).
  • Village will contact you when the Tree Permit is ready for pick up and advise you of any fees.
  • Proceed with removal and re-forestation.
  • When removal and re-forestation is finished, review with Village Manager, Building Commissioner or Village Forester.