Demolishing a Home


Demolishing a Principal Structure (Existing Home)

  • Demolition permits will not be issued unless (i) the plans for the replacement principal building or structure to be constructed on a lot have been approved (See Previous Section – Building a New Home), or in the absence of such plans, (ii) landscaping and screening plans that meet the bufferyard requirements to be constructed on the lot have been approved. Read the Building Code regarding demolishing structures.
  • Please note that there is a 120-day period that must elapse prior to the issuance of a demolition permit for any principal building or structure.
  • Review the initial concept with the Building Commissioner or Village Manager.
  • Mark the structure to be removed on a copy of a current survey of your property. Also note any changes to the grade or removal of vegetation, as well as tree protection and silt fencing.
  • Call JULIE to mark for conflicting utilities.
  • Call all utility companies to perform service disconnects. NOTE: NO PERMIT WILL BE ISSUED UNLESS WRITTEN DISCONNECTION NOTICES FROM ALL APPROPRIATE UTILITIES (Electric, Natural Gas, Water, and Sewer) HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY THE VILLAGE.
  • Upon approval of your Demolition Permit, the Village will advise you of the fees for your Demolition Permit.
  • In addition to the Demolition Permit fees, there is a demolition tax of $10,000.00 per Demolition Building. Please click here for more information regarding this tax.
  • Begin demolition.
  • Install Landscaping as required by the ARC or continue with construction (if building new home – See Previous Checklist).
  • When project is finished, contact the Village Hall to obtain final inspections, including grading, landscaping, and zoning enforcement.