Connecting to Sewer or Water


Connecting to Village Sewer or Water Checklist

  • Contact the Village to determine if your property is in a Special Service Area (SSA).
  • If your property is already in a SSA, the sewer or water tap will most likely be at the edge of your property. Contact the Village regarding calculation of appropriate hook-up fees and location of tap.
  • Submit survey showing where service (stake proposed service line) will run from tap point to building entry. Note any disruptions to landscape or buffers.
  • Call JULIE to mark for conflicting utilities and Village Forester to review proposed service location.
  • Contact the Village to confirm if you will be liable for recapture fees to existing SSAs, and what those costs will be.
  • Contractor can now install service.
  • Call for required inspections before trench is filled (Village of Bannockburn will have provided information as to how this is done).
  • When service is finished, call for a final inspection, also review with Village Manager, Building Commissioner, or Water/Sewer Commissioner.
  • Have your surveyor revise your plat of survey to include the route of the service and submit a copy to the Village.