Building a New Home


Building a New Home Checklist

  • Read the Zoning Code regarding residential construction (Section 3 of the Zoning Code) including maximum Floor Area, maximum lot coverage calculations, tree removal and mandatory buffering.
  • Prepare a Site Plan that denotes the location and size of proposed new home, plus any proposed landscape removal and replacement plans. Also note any proposed changes to the grade and denote any conservancy areas on your plan.
  • Determine the architecture, color and materials of the proposed addition.
  • Review the initial concept with the Building Commissioner, Architectural Review Commission (ARC) Member, PCZBA Member and Village Manager in a pre-application meeting (address any set-back questions with the Building Commissioner or Village Manager).  Please contact the Village to coordinate this pre-application meeting.
  • Present plans in ARC meeting (owner must attend) and adjust based on feedback.
  • Submit final landscaping plan to the Village.
  • Plan review process takes approximately 4-6 weeks; the Village will return plans with any revisions as required to comply with the Village Building Code, the Village’s Zoning Code and the Engineering Grading Specifications [please note these specifications may be less or more, depending on the type of project]. These reviews may require the submission of revised plans to Village.
  • Village will contact you with your permit fees when the Building Permit is ready for pick up [Fee Schedule]. Please note that the approved plans received from the Village must be available AT ALL TIMES at the construction site.
  • Have surveyor or general contractor locate and mark property construction area. Call JULIE to mark for conflicting utilities. Construction fence off all unchanged areas. Install tree protection and silt fencing as required.
  • Begin construction.
  • Call for inspections when ready – the Village will provide you with a list at the time you secure a building permit.
  • You must submit a “spot” foundation survey and obtain Village approval before proceeding with construction.
  • Install landscaping as required (and approved) by the ARC.
  • When project is finished, call for final inspections, as identified on the Village’s inspection sheet provided.
  • Have your surveyor revise your plat of survey to include the new home and all features as built and submit a copy to the Village.