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Effective April 24, 2020
Village of Bannockburn Village Hall is closed to the public. During the closure of Village offices, staff are working remotely to keep development projects moving forward when possible.  Here are some tips to help you. Safety of our staff, consultants, other municipal employees and residents is our #1 priority. Please understand that these guidelines may change based on the public health situation.

[Click here for a PDF of this same information]

For essential businesses, The State of Illinois will require everyone to wear a face mask or covering while conducting business in public. When working on constructions projects, maintain a 6’ social distancing at all times.  Please consult the Lake County Health Department for additional guidelines.

Building Inspections: There will be limited in-person inspections and will be determined on a case by case basis. Contact the Village for questions.

How do I submit a building permit application?

Find the building and tree application here:

  • Building permit application: This can be used for building and tree permits.
  • Scope of work with all details.
  • Formal drawing/plans for all other construction projects in PDF format.
  • Permit deposits are $575 for residential and $650 for commercial projects. The balance of fees and if construction security is required will be communicated at a later date.

Provide us a check# and amount of the deposit in your communication.  Payments can be dropped off or mailed to the Village of Bannockburn, 2275 Telegraph Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015 (please reference the address for the project when you send in the check).

Once we receive the application and all required documents, we will be in contact to confirm receipt and estimated process time.

Building and Tree permit applications and plans can also be submitted in hard copy by placing them in the mail slot at Village Hall, 2275 Telegraph Road.  Our mail slot is located on the lower right-hand side of our door. For larger plans, ring the doorbell for assistance. The police will be monitoring drop off material at the door.  Send us an email letting us know plans/check were dropped off.

If you have a larger project, which requires working with staff, please email to set up an appointment to discuss. We will take each request for all building related matters on a case by case basis.

How do I submit a tree removal permit application?

Find the building permit and tree application here:

  • The application needs to be signed by the homeowner. If the homeowner is unable to sign the application, the homeowner can email us with approval.
  • A drawing of the property identifying the trees requesting evaluation for removal is required. This drawing can be basic, as long we are able to identify the trees under consideration. To aid in this process, all trees MUST be marked with paint or ribbon.
  • There is no fee for tree removal permit (residents are allowed two requests per year).
  • Once we receive the application and all required documents, we will be in contact to confirm receipt and estimated process time.

Email the permit applications  to Joan Koriath at

How do I schedule an inspection?

For all Lake Forest inspections, engineering inspections, forestry inspections:

  • Send an email to Joan Koriath at least 72 hours (Monday – Friday) notice with the permit number, address and requested inspections.
    Do NOT call Lake Forest directly for inspections.
  • Building Inspections: Inspections will be done by photographs, videos and communications via email and phone.
  • Engineering Inspections: Will be done in person, as needed.
  • Forestry Inspections: Will be done in person, as needed.
  • Life safety Inspections: Contact Fire Marshal, Brian McCarthy,
    1. Access to the space will be coordinated by the contractor.
    2. No one will be in the space when the inspection takes place.
    3. Fire marshal will make entry by myself and conduct the inspection.
    4. All findings will be communicated to the contractor and the Village of Bannockburn.

If your project is ready for final inspection, issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, or a permit extension, please send an email to the  We will work with you in an effort to confirm that life safety issues are addressed and, if appropriate, will issue authorization for occupancy on a conditional basis electronically until we resume normal activity.  Fees may apply to Temporary Certificates of Occupancy and building permit extensions.

Selling or buying a home in Bannockburn?

If you are selling a property, a transfer compliance application, as well as the issuance of a Transfer Compliance Certificate from the Village are required prior to closing on the property.  At this point in time, the transfer compliance application should be emailed to Ryan Mentkowski ( and the fee should be mailed to the Village of Bannockburn (Payable to the Village of Bannockburn).  We are asking that you provide at least 30 days’ notice to the Village to ensure processing can take place.  At this point, the Village Engineer will still perform a home inspection, which would be set up following the submittal of the application to the Village.  

Submitting an ARC or Zoning application?

If you are looking to discuss a proposed development project that may require zoning relief or a proposal to modify or add to  your residence (Architectural Review Commission) (pools, decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, lighting, etc.), please email Maria Lasday at to get initial direction on your  project’s required review process.  Please make sure to include the address for the property, the specific details of the project and any other information that you may have related to the project in the email (electronic plans and survey would be useful).  At this point in time, submittals may only be done digitally via email to the email address noted herein. Please note that we will get projects reviewed as quickly as possible, however, due to limitations on holding public meetings, delays are possible.

Village of Bannockburn Building Codes:

View the Village of Bannockburn Municipal Code for detail on all

Please direct questions, concerns and requests to Joan Koriath [] and/or

Ryan Mentkowski [].

Leave us a voicemail at 847-945-6080, press 1 for Administrative staff directory.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unusual time.

APPLICATIONS (Architectural, Zoning & Building Permits)
  • General Project Checklist
  • Architectural Review Commission (ARC) Applications
  • Zoning Application for Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals (REVISED January 2020)
  • Building Permit Application (Revised 7-2019)  [which assumes any ARC and/or PCZBA approvals have been granted] (application is utilized for, but not necessarily limited to, the following “work” on residential or commercial properties in the Village (use the checklists below to help ensure you are providing a full submittal package) [PLEASE NOTE, in June 2019 the Village of Bannockburn UPDATED BUILDING CODES]:
    • Grading Permit; Driveway Permits; Roofing Permits; Electrical/Plumbing Permits; Water Heater install permit; HVAC install permit; Window Replacement permit; Siding Replacement permit; Accessory Structure Permit; Swimming Pool/Spa Permit; Fence/Pillar Permit; Generator Permit; Deck/Patio Permit (including modifications to existing decks/patios); Sprinkler Permit; Elevator Permit; Sign Permit; Utility modification/improvement (Sewer/Water/Storm Sewer); Demolition Permit (of an entire structure);  Tree/Landscape Permit (to meet opacity, part of a reforestation plan or other tree removals/additions involving healthy trees or development projects); Commercial build-outs/construction (interior & exterior), etc.
  • Tree Removal Application (for dead/diseased/dying trees) — To provide better information to the Village, please use the following map to identify the location of proposed tree removals: Lake County IL Maps