Adding a Fence


Adding a Fence Checklist

  • Mark location of new fence on a copy of a current survey of your property. Also, note any changes to the vegetation buffering which will or may be affected by the fence installation.
  • Determine the style, color and materials of fence to be built.
  • Review the initial concept with the Building Commissioner or Village Manager. Contact the Village at 847-945-6080 to set up this meeting.
  • Present plans in ARC meeting and adjust based on feedback (if necessary).
  • Have lot boundaries (and conservancy area if necessary) and proposed fence location staked. Call JULIE to mark for conflicting utilities and Village Forester to review site.
  • Village will contact you when the Building Permit is ready and advise you of your fees.
  • Construct the fence.
  • When project is finished, call for a final inspection, also review with Village Manager or Building Commissioner
  • Have your surveyor revise your plat of survey to include the new fence and submit a copy to the Village.