Village of Bannockburn Municipal Code

On May 22, 2017, the Village of Bannockburn approved the consolidation all of the previously approved ordinances (laws) into one unified document (the Municipal Code).  These laws have always been “on the books” (law) in the Village of Bannockburn, but because they had previously been individually saved at Village Hall it made it difficult for Village residents, developers and staff to easily access all of the laws (and amendments to the laws) already approved by the Village of Bannockburn.

The new municipal code will be easily accessible at a website maintained by General Code.  The website is called eCode360 and it will allow you to search for things by specific words, review by the index, and even review new ordinances that are passed by the Village but not yet incorporated into the full municipal code.

The link to the Municipal Code is (or you can click on the button below)

This will take you to a link to the Village of Bannockburn Municipal Code