AMAZON LOCKER™ – call sign “RASHAD” In Bannocburn, IL

AMAZON LOCKER™ – call sign “RASHAD” In Bannocburn, IL

Welcome to the 21st Century, where you can receive those Amazon packages at our Amazon Locker™ , call sign “RASHAD,” at SEND MY PARCELS.  Having your Amazon package delivered to RASHAD is the most efficient way to receive your packages.  Small office and home office business operators have used our store’s private mailboxes since 1994, to help manage their business.  Private citizens have used them for safety, security, and convenience.  Now you can use our Amazon RASHAD for the same reasons

Why Amazon Locker’s ™ RASHAD?

  • Use a Street Address instead of a residential address that could be stolen from, or Personal Mail Box that might be too small — so RASHAD is better for business and personal packages.
  • You’ll have secure access to your packages — Our RASHAD is indoors, brightly lit and secure.
  • Free package receiving & return— We accept all Amazon Prime™ couriers (whether the Post Office, UPS, FedEx, or the Amazon courier) — never miss a delivery again! We’ll sign for it and keep it safe until you can pick it up.  If the package needs to be returned, for whatever reason, we can also send it back through RASHAD.
  • eMail & text notification—Amazon will email or text you when that package is delivered.
  • Security & Safety— Our AMAZON RASHAD lobby is lit and secured and available during business hours (see HOME page for daily times).
  • Anonymity & Privacy— Your information is safe, period.  Pick up and drop off packages within the safety of your personal space, giving you the choice to walk away, if you suspect someone is stalking you, when in the store, and we’d help you in case that were really happening.
  • Permanent Address— RASHAD gives you a permanent place to send your packages, without divulging your house address.
  • Separate your Business from your Personal mail— If you run a business from your home, it’s a good idea to have a separate business address to receive your goods, keeping pesky salespeople away from the doors of your house/ business.
  • When you send your packages to RASHAD, at SEND MY PARCELSit comes to a “real” street address that is safe for it, until you come to get it. It creates a more professional tidy appearance for your business, without packages, or stolen packing materials lying all around your front door.

Avoid Porch Pirates

Have Your Amazon Packages Delivered Safe & Secure

Receiving mail and packages at your home or business can be challenging (and potentially risky) for several reasons. Here are a few to consider:

  • Identity thieves can find a treasure-trove of information about you by stealing your packages directly from your home’s front porch.
  • Amazon will leave packages on your porch or doorstep, at your request — making it easy for thieves to steal them — package theft like this is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the US.
  • How many times have you been waiting for an important package from Amazon, and find out the driver did not deliver it because he needed your signature — but you were at work or out shopping?  Remember how tough it is to find that package, and get it re-delivered?
  • If you travel, what happens to your packages while you’re gone?
  • Do you run a business from your home?  Can you always be there to receive a package, not knowing when the driver is going to be there?

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