Beeson Corner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Beeson Corner Project – FAQs

When is the next Village of Bannockburn meeting related to the proposed project?

The proposed project is on the Village Board agenda which will take place on February 10, 2020.  [Agenda]

  1. Why has the Beeson Corner project been “fast-tracked”?

The Village has processed the applications related to the Beeson Corner in strict compliance with the Village’s Zoning Code and Illinois statutes. Nothing has been “fast-tracked.” Moreover, as yet, nothing has been approved.  The Village Board is still awaiting information from the developer, and this information will be considered before the Village Board takes any final action.

  1. If the Beeson Corner proposal were developed in unincorporated Lake County, where would the children attend school?

The Beeson Corner property is located within the Bannockburn School District, whether the development occurs in the Village or in unincorporated Lake County.

  1. Is it true that the proposed development will bring 120 new students to the Bannockburn School?

The anticipated school population from the development is calculated based on demographic studies utilized as part of school impact fee formulas.  The Village, the developer, and the school district have all applied different formulas to assess the likely student population from the development, and those studies have generally shown that 5-7 students are expected from the development.

  1. If the Beeson Corner proposal were developed in unincorporated Lake County, would the Village be expected to provide any services to the development?

Although the Beeson Corner proposal (as well as Del Mar Woods) are in unincorporated Lake County, the Village police officers are often the first responders for police calls in those unincorporated areas.  The Bannockburn Police are customarily much closer and therefore more able to respond to calls in these neighboring areas.  The Village Police respond as part of a mutual aid agreement that the Village has with the County and dozens of other nearby police departments.  The Village does not receive any compensation for handling calls in nearby unincorporated areas.

  1. If the Beeson Corner proposal were developed in unincorporated Lake County, what tax benefits would the Village receive?

None.  In contrast, the Village would receive both real estate taxes and sales tax revenues if the proposal is approved for annexation and development in the Village.

  1. Is there a proposal from Bannockburn Green to develop 30 residential units?

No such proposal has been presented to the Village for residential units.  Moreover, the zoning district in which Bannockburn Green is located does not authorize any residential use.  Further, the zoning approvals that are sought for the Beeson Corner would not open the door for Bannockburn Green to develop any residential units.

Dated 12/30/19.  As more information becomes available, these FAQs will be supplemented.

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