Tree Permit Removal Update

Spring is a great time to review your trees that may need to be removed due to disease or dying. If this is your plan, complete a Tree Removal permit application. Be sure to include a drawing of where the trees that need to be evaluated are on your property. The trees you want evaluated must be marked with a single colored ribbon or paint. Once you submit your application to the Village, the Village Forester will come out to verify whether the trees can be removed. There is no charge for this service. If your trees are not properly marked when the Forester goes to your property, you will be charged $100 for a second visit from the Forester.

The Village staff will contact you when the tree removal permit is ready! Once you have your permit, you are free to remove the designated trees. If you had a tree removal permit from this last year, let us know you are finished with tree removal, send an email to to let us know your project is complete. It is that easy!