Village Facts

Village of Bannockburn

Village Facts

Population: fewer than 1,583 residents (as of the 2010 Census)
Number of Households: fewer than 250
Village Size: 1,318 acres, or approximately 2.05 square miles
Lot Size: most are two- or four-acre lots
Village Development: 90% of area available to be developed residentially has been developed
  • Approximately 200 students in grades K-8 attend Bannockburn School. Class sizes average 20 students, and there are only one or two classes per grade. For more information on Bannockburn School, click here.
  • Students in grades 9-12 attend Deerfield High School. For more information on Deerfield High School, click here.
  • Trinity International University is a family of four Christian-centered schools, three of which are located within the Bannockburn boundaries: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School , Trinity College , and Trinity Graduate School . For more information on Trinity International University , click here.