Annual Citizen Survey

Village of Bannockburn

2016 Bannockburn Citizen Survey — Link will take you to which is a digital copy of the survey also mailed to residents.  The survey will close at 11:45pm on February 10th, 2016.

If you would rather receive the survey via hard copy, please email Ryan Mentkowski at the Village at


The Village of Bannockburn has finished conducting the 2015 Citizen and Deer Survey. Thank you to all the residents who responded to this very important survey.

The survey was available on the Village website, in two of the Village’s newsletters and sent out multiple times through email to our Village contacts.  This is the second year of a combined Citizen Survey and Deer Survey.  Normally, the Deer Survey is done in the fall and the Citizen Survey in the spring, but as an attempt to gain additional participation with the Citizen Survey, the Board suggested combining the surveys.  Overall, participation in the Citizen Survey was up one response year over year.

The STAFF summary and memo regarding the survey results are located in an attached document: CLICK HERE (IN ADOBE PDF). The actual Survey Result documents can be found below and these documents supplement the staff summary and memo document referenced above:

  1. Bannockburn 2015 Annual Citizen Survey Results (for year 2015 services) – which is a summary of the scores received from the residents for each category.  The document contains the scores from the categories: Service or Condition, Public Information & Communication, Citizen’s Interaction with Village Government, Citizen’s Perception of Bannockburn, Citizen’s perception of Bannockburn Green Retail Center & the 2015 Village of Bannockburn Events.  The document also compares the 2015 score to the 2014 score to determine whether perceived improvement occurred in each category. CLICK HERE FOR THE DOCUMENT (IN ADOBE PDF).
  2. 2015 Citizen Survey Open Ended Responses – provides a summary of the comments residents provided for each of the categories (typically answered when a category scored low). CLICK HERE FOR THE DOCUMENT (IN ADOBE PDF)
  3. 2016 (2015) Deer Survey Results – provides a summary of results from the residents and their interaction with deer in the Village of Bannockburn. CLICK HERE FOR THE DOCUMENT (IN ADOBE PDF)
  4. 2015 Village Citizen Survey and Deer Survey – All Responses – provides all the tabulated responses from all 56 respondents. No analysis is included in this section; however, you will note that the citizen survey section is separated from the deer survey section via the adobe bookmark. CLICK HERE FOR DOCUMENT (IN ADOBE PDF)
  5. 2015 “One Last Question” results – CLICK HERE FOR DOCUMENT
  6. The actual citizen survey questions that was provided to the residents. CLICK HERE FOR DOCUMENT


For Information on Previous Years Results, we have provided the information below:

2014 Annual Citizen Survey Results

2013 Annual Citizen Survey Results.