Documents Description
Animal Regulations Police Department – Explains the regulations for dogs/horses/coyotes and other animals indigenous to the area.
Zoning Documents Application for use when ARC approval is required by the Zoning Ordinance. Please discuss application requirements with Village Staff prior to submitting.
General Documents: The only document that will be accepted by the Village of Bannockburn for backflow test reports.  The State of Illinois (ILEPA) and the Village of Bannockburn (Municipal Code Section 7-706) require that backflow prevention devices are installed on all hazardous cross-connections in an effort to ensure our water supply is kept safe. The ILEPA requires backflow devices to be tested and certified annually by a licensed CCCDI Inspector (Cross Connection Control Device Inspector) to ensure the backflow device is functioning properly.
 Fees for building permits etc updated September 2017 for use on all applications submitted to the Village of Bannockburn after May 1st 2017.
Building Permit Application General Documents /Zoning Documents / Building Department Documents: Commercial build outs/construction (interior & exterior); Residential build outs (interior & exterior); Grading Permit; Driveway Permits; Roofing Permits; Electrical/Plumbing Permits; Water Heater install permit; HVAC install permit; Accessory Structure Permit; Swimming Pool/Spa Permit; Fence/Pillar Permit; Generator Permit; Deck Permit; Sprinkler Permit; Elevator Permit; Sign Permit; Demolition Permit (0f an entire structure);  Tree/Landscape Permit (to meet opacity or part of a reforestation plan or other tree removals/additions involving healthy trees or development projects); among others but after you have received required Zoning approvals.
Police Department The Village of Bannockburn requires any resident or business with an alarm system to obtain an alarm permit. The permit application includes a $25 initial fee.
General Documents/Zoning Documents/Building Department Documents Business License / Registration Application – required annually for all Bannockburn businesses.
General Documents/Police Department
General Documents/Zoning Documents/Building Department Documents 2014 approved dates for Village Board/Architectural Review Commission and the Plan Commission / Zoning Board of Appeals meetings. It also includes the submittal deadlines for applications to Village.
Document which defines the vision of what Bannockburn is striving to become in the future.
Annual Application that is required for all dogs in the Village of Bannockburn.
Police Department Receive critical updates via the Village's automated Emergency notification System. For emergency or critical updates.
General Documents
Police Department Procedures for filing a complaint against a Bannockburn Police Officer.
Police Department
General policy and conditions for group or organizational use of the Bannockburn Open Space Shelter
Police Department
General Documents/Police Department Updated 01/01/2014 including: Towing/ Clean Up/Jump Start/Tire Change/Lock Out/Gas Delivery and procedures and standards for Towing
Police Department The Village of Bannockburn requires any resident or business with an alarm system to obtain an alarm permit. The permit application includes a $25 initial fee.
Police Department
Police Department
Police Department
General Documents / Zoning Documents / Building Department Documents The formal request for the Village of Bannockburn to perform the Transfer Compliance (Property Transfer) as required by Ordinance 2009-30. This is for both Residential and Commercial properties in the Village.  Please note the separate fee schedule for each.
General Documents / Building Department Documents Ordinance 2009-30 / Compliance Inspection Requirements which requires application and inspection by Village prior to selling your home. Application is below for your use.
General Documents / Zoning Documents / Building Department Documents 2013 Tree Preservation and Removal Ordinance of the Village of Bannockburn as adopted by the Village Board in 2013 and revised on 7/11/2016.
Tree Removal Application (only for dead/diseased/dying trees)
General Documents / Zoning Documents – Removal permit that can be utilized for removal of dead/diseased/infested (i.e. EAB)/dying trees in the Village of Bannockburn.  Submit the application; the number of trees to be cut down; the location of the trees to be cut down and the owners authorization to the Village of Bannockburn Village Hall and the Village Forester will review to verify that the trees are distressed/dead/infested.
Utility (Water and/or Sewer) Account – New Customer General Documents / Water Sewer Billing – Use this application when you are creating a new water/sewer account with the Village of Bannockburn or when you are updating a bill-to address for your property.
General Documents Agreement document that will authorize the Village to automatically withdraw your Water/Sewer Payments due to the Village of Bannockburn.
Zoning Application General Documents / Zoning Documents – Application for Variation; Special Use; Special Use Amendment; Re-Zoning(Map Amendment); Text Amendment or Zoning Appeal.  Before submitting the application a pre-application meeting should be made with the Village Manager Maria Lasday ( (847-945-6080) to discuss the project and required application materials.
General Documents/Zoning Documents/Building Department Documents Village of Bannockburn Zoning Ordinance